6 Tips for After the Ski Hiring Fair

After meeting employers and handing out your resume at the Ski Hiring Fair, are you wondering what to do next? Here’s a list to help you plan out your next week in Banff.

1.       Follow up. Remember those business cards you took at the ski fair? Send an email to or call managers you spoke with to! Let them know you are still interested in working at their company and that you enjoyed meeting with them.

2.       “When do I follow up?” Good question! It’s Thanksgiving on Monday, and a holiday in Canada, so most managers will not be working Saturday, Sunday, Monday. We’d suggest waiting to follow up with employers until one week after the fair.  

3.       Be patient. Waiting for news after a hiring fair is tough, but managers are working as fast as they can to go through all the resumes they collected.  (We had over 600 visitors to the fair!)

4.       Take time for yourself.  Job searching can take up a lot of energy. It’s important to take time for yourself and do something that makes you happy. Enjoy your time in Banff before you are working full time – visit the hot springs, go on a hike to see the larches, climb Tunnel Mountain (before it snows again!) This will also help give you energy that will help your job search!

5.       Think back and reflect. Now that the ski hiring fair is over, look back at your experience. What did you learn? What would you change for your next job application? Does your resume need to be improved?

6.       Get ready for your interview. When that manager calls will you be ready for your interview? Talk to our team about how to prepare for common interview questions.

Photo courtesy of @robintuck1